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hCG Weight Loss Diet

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hCG Weight Loss Diet

Want to lose those extra pounds but can’t seem to get it started? Start that diet

but get discouraged by poor results? Dieting but hungry and miserable while doing it?

The hCG weight loss diet may be for you.


What is the hCG Weight Loss Diet?

The hCG weight loss diet is a combination of daily hCG injections, low calorie diet, and exercise, which when combined with nutritional counseling will start you on your way toward weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally present in the body during pregnancy. The hCG hormone is involved with many metabolic functions of the body and when combined with a low calorie diet, will result in rapid weight loss all while controlling your hunger.


How does the hCG Weight Loss Diet work?

The problem with dieting is compliance – that is, staying on the diet and keeping the calories low. hCG is a natural hormone, which when given in low doses acts as an appetite suppressant. It’s far easier to stay on a diet when you aren’t hungry and irritable all the time. In addition, the hCG weight loss diet causes you to burn fat, not muscle, so you get a better sculpted weight loss. The hCG injections along with a low calorie diet allows you to lose weight and more importantly allows you to stay on the diet and lose the fat you want and not the muscle you need.

What to expect with the hCG Weight Loss Diet?

With hCG injections, a low calorie diet, and mild exercise, most patients will see a weight loss of ½-1 pound per day on average. You will notice that as the weight and fat is coming off, you won’t be hungry all the time despite having such a low calorie diet.


*Individual results may vary.

What can you expect after the hCG Weight Loss Diet?

Sustained weight loss is possible through changes in lifestyle. When you start our diet program, you will be educated on the types of foods to eat and not to eat. You will also be given daily caloric goals so that there is no rebound weight gain. The hCG Diet is supervised by our board certified doctor and weekly measurements will be made to track your progress and keep you motivated towards your goal. Our doctor has helped patients with the hCG weight loss diet from Westchester County, NYC, the Bronx and neighboring New York areas.


hCG Weight Loss Diet Related Treatment Options

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Unfortunately for us, the aging process does not stop. Despite the spectacular results that can be achieved with the hCG Weight Loss Diet, it is important to remember that touch ups in conjunction with other body contouring treatments and services may be necessary to help delay the aging process and maintain a more youthful appearance. Our board certified doctor can help you to decide what treatments are best suited to reach your goals.


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